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A feel
for fabric – 111 years of Lauritzon

Author Tim

In 2022, 111 years have passed since Christian Wilhelm Lauritzon arrived in Finland from Sweden and opened his first boutique in Helsinki. Soon after its opening, the business kept expanding and Lauritzons generation after another felt a passion for their family business.

Over the years, Lauritzon kept on growing and evolving. The company specializing in upholstery fabrics is known for its elegant yet playful style, without forgetting its rich and plentiful patterns. After having a closer look at the story and style of Lauritzon, it becomes clear that following one’s heart has never been shied away from in the company. Is this the secret behind the longevity of Lauritzon?

members of the family business

“That might be the case, for each generation has brought their own vision to the company. My sisters, Bodil and Inger, have developed and carefully curated our shop for consumer customers, while my daughter Corinne, who is our creative and marketing director, and my son Linus, who is our sales director, have brought in the vision of a new generation,” Roland “Rolle” Lauritzon, CEO, says.

The most visible part of this new vision is the complete rebranding of the family business, which included changing the company’s name from Lauritzon’s to Lauritzon. But innovating isn’t something Rolle is unfamiliar with, either. For example, Lauritzon Ateljé was born from his initiative in 2000.

“Ateljé is at the core of our creative processes. Our colours are highly Scandinavian, and they are very well-loved outside of Scandinavia as well. We have the same approach in our fabrics as an artist has in their art, for we create pieces we truly believe in,” Corinne says.

“And in addition to beauty, upholstery fabrics must be practical and sensible. We are immensely proud of our Easycare, Greencare, and PRO collections,” Linus adds.

Collections consisting of durable and sustainable upholstery fabrics say a lot about the mindset that seems to be inherent for the company – the focus is on the future and future generations. But can a history this extensive create pressure to do things a certain way?

“Our lengthy past has never confined us. Quite the contrary, our history has been a continuous source of curiosity and passion for our craft. Perhaps these two attributes play a key role in the fact that our customers have trusted our expertise in upholstery fabrics for over a century,” Rolle sums up.

Lauritzon Ateljé is located in Teerisuonkuja 6, Helsinki, Finland.