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Author Julia Lehto

We are at Habitare again at stand 6f20! At our stand, you can see our new lovely upholstery fabrics, expanded curtain fabric collection and new cushions and throws. During Habitare, we are also launching our long-awaited Homeware & Accessories collection!

This year, Habitare’s theme is Yhdessä / Together. The theme, Together, speaks about our need to feel togetherness in today’s world, but also about our duty to take care of nature and each other, together. We are proud and happy to be a big part of the exhibition with our new curtain fabrics.

“The theme, Together, explores the contrasts of our time. We have more wealth than ever before, but at the same time, our current way of life pollutes the planet and is riddled with inequality. We face biodiversity loss, the climate crisis, and other security challenges every day in our lives. We must not be paralysed in the face of these global concerns, and we must act together, respecting our ties with each other and with nature.”


These values are also important to us at Lauritzon; we want to be involved in taking the textile industry in a more responsible direction and we constantly make choices based on our values.

One of our pride points in the area of responsibility is our constantly expanding greencare collection. The fabrics in the collection are made from at least 50% recycled fibers and many fabrics in the collection are made from 100% recycled material from clothing textile waste and recycled plastic. Come and get to know the wonderful fabrics of our greencare collection better in our stand – you will surely be as fond of them as we are!

Create a soft atmosphere and feeling at home with our new cushion collection. The cushions make up four collections, each with its own unique feel and atmosphere. Our wonderful novelties are on display in our trade fair stand and will also be sold in our webshop, which will open in the coming days. We produce cushions only in small quantities. This way, we can avoid unnecessary surplus and ensure that each cushion finds a loving home for years to come.

The selection of our furniture fabrics is also growing with the new patterned fabrics, structures and materials! The patterns have been colored in the most wonderful colors in our Ateljé in Helsinki and the structures and materials have been selected very carefully to form a high-class selection. You will for sure have a crush on these!

In addition to our own stand, our fabrics are displayed in many other stands at Habitare. Among other things, at the Habitarematerials stand, where you can create your own collages, as well as at many furniture manufacturers who exhibit their furniture. Curtain fabrics in the Theme exhibition “Together” are also from our new collection.

Photo Katri Kapanen

We are excited to present you our lovely new products and talk more about the new trends in interior fabrics! See you at Habitare!